DreamHack Fortnite Tournaments

DreamHack Fortnite Tournaments

For the latest in Fortnite news, check out the upcoming Dreamhack Fortnite tournament. These tournaments feature a variety of events, including Open-entry tournaments, Cash Cup Extra events, Qualifiers, and more. Read on for more information! Interested in attending a DreamHack Fortnite tournament? Here’s a breakdown of the schedule and how to get tickets. After all, you can’t win if you don’t know what to expect.

Open-entry tournaments

Fortnite has a long tradition of competitions, but a recent move by Epic Games has made this format even more popular. By making the tournaments open to all Fortnite players, DreamHack will expand the competitive pool in every region. The following are some of the key details about the Fortnite DreamHack format. Read on for more information. Open-entry tournaments are ideal for people who love to compete and aren’t afraid of the competition.

The first tournament to be held this summer will feature an open-entry format. The prize pool will be substantial and will be topped with a cash cup. In addition, high-placing duos will receive an additional Cash Cup Extra. These tournaments are a great way to increase your Fortnite profile and make new friends. In addition to a large prize pool, you can also qualify for the Hall of Fame by qualifying in the top two divisions.

Another way to participate in DreamHack Fortnite competitions is by registering for the Fortnite Cash Cup. Players can compete in the Cash Cup Extra by competing in the Fortnite Trios Cash Cup. Players can enter a tournament through their Twitch stream or upload a replay file from their computer. If the tournament doesn’t have enough players, it will be rejected. Alternatively, you can also register for the Cash Cup Extra, which requires you to participate in the Fortnite Trios Cash Cup before applying.

DreamHack is hosting a Fortnite open-entry tournament every month through 2021. The prize pool is over USD $17k for each event. The tournaments will feature six events per season, with three tournaments in each region. The tournament will begin on May 12. The winning player will receive a Fortnite trophy. The DreamHack website will have all of the tournament information and schedules.

Cash Cup Extra events

For competitive Fortnite players, DreamHack is back with Cash Cup Extra events! After a brief absence from tournaments, the brand is back with a bang! Teams that place inside the top 132 in each cash cup event will be awarded six points per elimination. Unlike other trio tournaments, DreamHack’s format rewards the best performance in every event. It also allows players to develop their chemistry.

For those of you who aren’t aware, the Fortnite Cash Cup Extra will feature the top teams from the Epic Games Cash Cup. Teams will compete in 10 games within a three-hour period. The top two teams will win Fortnite Cash Cups, while the other two teams will go home empty-handed. This tournament will feature the most skilled Fortnite players from all regions. The tournament is available to everyone in North America and Europe, and participants can take part in as many games as they want.

Both the DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite and the Cash Cup Extra will take place in the NA East and EU regions. The tournaments will feature duos and trios; the prize money will total USD $900,000. DreamHack is the first to pledge a combined $400K to the Fortnite community. The prize pool is set to increase in 2021, so players can expect more than $400K to be awarded to the top Fortnite players.

DreamHack is the leading tournament organizer in the Fortnite competitive community and is a well-known brand in the Fortnite community. These tournaments are divided into Cash Cup and Open tournaments and will be run over four rounds. The Cash Cup Extra will be a Trios tournament and is open to both EU and North American players. This tournament will begin in October and will run for two weeks, with the first cash cup taking place on October 6.

LAN events

The upcoming Dreamhack Fortnite LAN event will be held at the Dallas Marriott Marquis. The event will feature a selection of professional and amateur teams from around the world. In addition, the tournament will feature a Bring Your Own Computer and Console (BYOC) zone. Participants may also choose to purchase a BYOC ticket to the tournament and join the LAN community. Tickets for the event can be purchased HERE.

The tournaments will be televised live on the DreamHack and AussieAntic Twitch channels. DreamHack will also host a live viewing party at the event to give fans a behind-the-scenes look at the event. Each participant must bring their own computer and have parental consent if they are under 18.

In the recent Fortnite LAN event, a Fortnite fight in a Dreamhack event sparked a controversy. However, the incident had little to do with the game’s new items. Instead, the conflict was caused by an incident in a Fortnite tournament in Dallas that took place earlier this week. A higher-placed competitor allegedly griefed the competitor after she advanced to the top of the Fortnite bracket. Eventually, the higher-placed player allegedly grabbed the griefer and proceeded to fight him. Dreamhack staff members intervened and stopped the fight. However, Ninja is not a fan of violence and has condemned the behavior.

At a Fortnite LAN event, the debate about region versus region continues to flare. In one game in the finals of a DreamHack Dallas tournament, DiegoPlayz was eliminated after a griefer landed near him and began a confrontation with the player. Luckily, this fight was caught on video. Other players pulled the two apart and urged them to stop fighting. Tyler “Ninja” Blevins, a well-known pro-Fortnite player, also witnessed the incident.


Qualifiers in DreamHack Fortnite are the first step in the tournament. These events feature a $250,000 prize pool and are divided into three competitive regions – NA East, NA West, and Europe. The top 50 players advance to the Grand Finals, where they will face off against each other for the ultimate prize. There are a few things to keep in mind while playing qualifiers. First, you should monitor ongoing events to determine which duo is the best.

The first qualifier of the tournament saw ATX Lnuef defeat ATL LeTsHe and earn five53 points. The team also won two Victory Royales. The team continues its upward trend and hopes to finish inside the top 100. While the event had a few surprises, plenty of high-caliber players were in the game. Here are some of the most notable players in DreamHack Fortnite.

The Fortnite DreamHack Open is the main event for the North American and European regions. It kicked off on May 5 and will be held between May 5 and May 2021. There will be a $200,000 grand prize for the winner of the tournament. It will be a Duos format tournament, and loopers will be restricted to playing in teams of two. As Epic Games has conducted many Fortnite tournaments, these events are expected to continue.

In the Zero Build DreamHack Fortnite Finals, 25 players were selected. This was the final opportunity for those who missed the first two qualifiers. Despite the difficulty of qualifying, Rezon of Guild Esports managed to qualify with three76 points. In the finals, he will face soonlucky, who won the semifinal match with three73 points. Yungbob of TT9 Esports finished third in the tournament with 394 points.

Prize pool

This year, DreamHack will hold two tournaments for Fortnite: One will be a $200K USD solos event, and the other will be a duos tournament, both with prize pools of $100k USD each. The Fortnite tournaments will take place on European and NA East servers and are open to all ranks in Arena Mode. The tournaments will be streamed live on Twitch, and the winners will receive a share of the prize pool of the two events.

Fortnite is one of the fastest-growing games, and this year, DreamHack has announced a huge prize pool to attract the best players. There will be 18 Fortnite tournaments in 2021, with more than USD 17k per event prize pool. The tournaments will be held over three seasons, with six events in each season. All Fortnite players are eligible to participate in these tournaments, and several other Fortnite LANs are happening this summer.

The Fortnite DreamHack Summertime Open tournament will feature a $200,000 prize pool. The prize pool will be split between two recreation modes. The top three rank winners will receive $12,000 reward cash. Second and third place winners will receive $6,000 and $5,500, respectively. The tournament will be broadcast on the official DreamHack Fortnite Twitch channel. For more information, check out their website. Once you know what to expect, you’ll be ready to compete.

The DreamHack Fortnite summer LAN tournament is set to take place June 18-21 in Jonkoping, Sweden. The event will feature a $200,000 Fortnite Open tournament, Zero Build, and classic Battle Royale game modes. Participants can register for the tournament and watch the live stream on Twitch. The tournament is exclusive to LAN ticket holders. There’s no registration cap, but it is limited to Fortnite players only.



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