Free Photo Editing Software For Beginners

Free Photo Editing Software

If you’re new to the world of photo editing, then you’ll be glad to know that there is a wealth of free photo editing software for beginners.

Here are four of the best options:

IrfanView, RawTherapee, Photo Pos Pro, and Darktable. All of these programs have very simple user interfaces, so beginners should have no problem learning how to use them. And if you want more sophisticated editing features, you can pay for the advanced versions of each.


If you’re looking for a free photo-editing application, look no further than IrfanView. This program is fast, easy to use, and supports most major graphics formats. Among the features, IrfanView supports are batch conversion, color depth, cropping, blurring, and sharpening. In addition, users will appreciate its simple user interface. As a result, it is a good choice for beginners and even experienced users looking to improve their photos.

IrfanView is a lightweight image viewer with enough features to make it useful for beginners. It supports a wide range of file formats, including JPEG, GIF, PNG, TIFF, and more. In addition to image editing, IrfanView also offers batch file conversion and slideshow creation. It can also save images in EXE and SCR formats. Unlike most specialized photo editing software, it is free to download.

Another feature of IrfanView is its batch processing capabilities. You can also use this program to create GIFs from photos or capture screenshots. If you’re a beginner with DSLR cameras, this program is ideal for you. It can also help you convert RAW files to JPEGs and paint portraits, landscapes, and passport photos. It’s also compatible with most file formats.


If you’re a beginner at photo editing, RawTherapee can be a great option. You can choose from eight different preview modes and use keyboard shortcuts to apply edits. You can view and edit Exif metadata and work with layers, too. There are free downloads for Windows, Mac OS, and Linux. So you can use different software to enhance your photos depending on your needs.

With the multithreaded algorithm in RawTherapee, you can reduce the processing load of your photos. Despite its free nature, it’s best suited to older systems. It’s not a good option for advanced users, and beginners are best suited to the program’s single photo editing capabilities. Although its free version doesn’t come with any documentation, you’ll find it easy to figure out how to use it for your needs.

If you’re a beginner, you may want to try one of the paid programs, such as Lightroom. These programs offer similar features to paid photo editing services. For example, you can use presets to apply a similar look to multiple images. Lightroom can even sync your adjustments from one photo to another in Filmstrip mode. Likewise, you can copy Develop settings to multiple images. Both RawTherapee and Lightroom are easy to use, so they should be your go-to options for photo editing.

Photo Pos Pro

It offers a free editor and professional editing features. Its interface is designed for beginners and experts alike. Its layout is easy to use and features many filters, effects, frames, and optimization tools. It also has options to crop, rotate, and add text. Beginners can take advantage of these features to enhance their photos. Photo Pos Pro works on both Macs and Windows. Beginners can try it out for free to see whether it suits them.

Although Photo Pos Pro is free, it has some limitations. Launching is slow because it runs in a hidden window called FrmStartup. This window can interfere with your ability to alt-tab to switch between applications. However, it recently upgraded to version 5.0, including a redesigned user interface, new selection tools, and improved auto-correction features. Beginners can also try it out by downloading the trial version first.

As a free photo editor, Photo Pos Pro comes with two interfaces. There is an interface for beginners and one for advanced users. Beginners can use the latter for basic editing, while advanced users can use the former for filters and effects. It also supports RAW image format, which means you can edit RAW photos from Olympus and Nikon cameras. So if you don’t plan on using premium features, Photo Pos Pro might be the right choice for you.


If you’re new to digital photography, Darktable Free Photo Editing Software might be a great choice. Its robust editing section has a variety of tools for basic and advanced picture editing. Its image vignetting module allows you to remove stains, create irregularly shaped areas, and clone images. As it’s free, anyone can contribute to its development, and the user interface is made with beginners in mind.

Similar to Photoshop, Darktable offers an affordable, beginner-friendly alternative. While the learning curve is steep, the free version offers many features that paid applications to do not. It emulates the workflow of Lightroom without the hefty price tag. It is also built as a RAW editor but supports a variety of file formats. Its advanced features include custom presets, which can make your editing experience more effective.

If you want to change the look of your photos, Darktable can help. The software’s Grain instrument is easy to use and has three sliders to control the grain size and intensity. You can also choose which colors dominate your photos. And thanks to its customizable interface, you can turn your color photos into monochrome. With Darktable, you can choose which colors you want to focus on and which are not as prominent.

Pixlr X

If you’re a beginner in photo editing, you’ll love Pixlr X. This web-based photo editor offers a straightforward interface for quick adjustments. The application uses HTML5 rather than Flash, which is more secure and accessible on various machines. The app offers easy-to-use tools for adjusting brightness, contrast, saturation, hue, and more. It also includes a good library of effects.

If you’re unsure how to start editing, you can start using Pixlr X’s pre-made collage templates. Simply select the layout you like and start editing. Pixlr offers many creative photo filters for achieving the look you’re after. Pixlr also offers a premium version for those who’d like to access even more advanced tools. Once you’re comfortable editing photos with Pixlr, you can upgrade to Premium and unlock more options.

While professional photographers may use Photoshop to enhance their photos, beginners shouldn’t chase industry standards. It’s best to practice on the software you’re familiar with and which has all the tools you need to enhance your photographs. A good program will also have tutorials and help you make the right choices. You’ll soon find yourself taking amazing photos. So, what’s holding you back? Here’s a look at some of the best photo editing software available for beginners.

PhotoScape X

If you’re a beginner, PhotoScape X is an excellent choice. The layout is user-friendly, and there are dozens of editing tools at your disposal. The program includes an “Editor” tab with an array of tools. If you want to create a collage, you can also add text and edit the colors of an image. And if you’re unsure about any particular aspect of the process, the software offers a “Revision History” feature, so you can undo any action you’ve made.

With PhotoScape X, beginners can easily adjust the colors of their images. Users can use filters to add accent colors and highlight certain areas of the photo. PhotoScape X comes with over 1,000 stickers, hundreds of add-ons, and effects. It even includes a copy and pastes feature, so you can create collages and merge photos. PhotoScape X is also compatible with many cameras.

As with any photo editing program, you can use AI to automate repetitive tasks. AI is a great way to add artistic effects and text to photos. It supports multiple file formats, including PSD, CXF, CDR, and raster graphics. With multiple layers, PhotoScape X is easy to use and provides many options for manipulating your photos. You can even write text on curve shapes.


If you’re new to the photo editing game, you might be interested in checking out BeFunky. This free online photo editor will help you take beautiful photos, add filters, and improve the look of social media posts. In addition, its built-in graphic designer allows you to design custom templates and add unique effects to your pictures. As a result, you can transform an ordinary photograph into a work of art in just a few minutes.

Another great feature is the undo function. BeFunky lets you revert to previous actions so you can undo them if needed. This feature is unique among photo editing apps and will save your changes in the cloud. Also, you can save your photos to social networks, cloud storage, or both. You can download BeFunky for free or subscribe to its premium version to enjoy more advanced features.

If you’re a beginner and don’t want to spend hours in a photo editing program, BeFunky has many useful effects to offer. The effects on BeFunky are not great for professional editing, but they’re perfect for improving photos for your social media sites. The tool lets you add unusual effects in just a few minutes, and ordinary photos can be transformed into a realistic paintings or animated animation.



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