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Pokmon Go

If you’ve just downloaded Pokmon Go, you should know a few things to get the most out of the game. Before diving in, read up on how to use the AR+ mode, Gyms, and the regional-exclusive Pokemon. Here are some tips to get you started. And don’t miss our review of Pokmon Go’s AR+ mode! We’ve also included some helpful hints and tips to help you make the most of the game.

Game’s AR+ mode

The Game’s AR+ mode allows players to use the camera to spot Pokemon on the ground. They can do so by slowly moving their phone camera around an open area. When they spot a Pokemon, they can tap its grass patch to see it. When they tap the Pokemon, they are captured and can be photographed. The Pokemon will not flee, and you will receive extra stardust and experience. In addition, you can now capture Pokemon from all angles and even circle them.

The gameplay in the Game’s AR+ mode is not all about the camera. Players can use the camera to project game maps to interact with the AR features. The game also features other content, including a downloadable ‘Stickman’ skin and ten stickers. This free AR game has no ads or in-app purchases. It’s a great way to experience AR on a smartphone. But it has some limitations.

First, players can only use the AR+ mode in certain locations. For instance, the AR+ mode is useful for catching Pokemon that are far away or in a Raid. The instruction is not long, but the key is to get closer to the Pokemon before throwing a ball. The AR+ mode is particularly useful for catching Raid Bosses. As long as you are in an area that has good lighting, you can use AR+ in Pokémon Go.

Pokemon GO’s augmented reality mode

While iOS users have enjoyed the AR+ mode for months, Android users are only now getting the app. It’s easy to activate, though, and works with both iOS and Android devices. To use the AR+ mode, simply toggle the AR toggle in the upper right corner of the game’s catch screen. It’s best to leave it turned on while playing, though. After you turn on AR, you can use the camera as a backdrop to search for Pokemon.

In the AR+ mode, Pokemon are aware of their surroundings and are more able to be caught when you’re near them. To earn extra XP and stardust, you must catch more Pokemon than others. To play in the AR+ mode, you must have an iPhone 6s or newer or be using an iPad fifth generation or newer model. While AR+ is cool, it shouldn’t replace the regular AR mode.

To enable AR+, you need to be logged into your Pokémon Go account and turn on the AR+ mode. It can be enabled in the Settings Menu of the app. The instructions are short, but the AR+ mode has some limitations. The app won’t work in the dark or indoors. It needs a camera to detect Pokemon. In addition, it only works on compatible phones. You can’t catch Pokemon using AR+ mode if you’re using an Android device.

Pokemon GO’s regional-exclusive Pokemon

A map of Pokémon GO’s regional-exclusive Pokemon has been released by user zogl and boy. The Pokemon based on bison, Tropius, have been found in several regions, including southern Spain close to Gibraltar and Crete in the Mediterranean Sea. While their exact spawning regions are unknown, players have reported sightings of these animals in various parts of the world, including New Hampshire, New Jersey, and Virginia.

While the game has regional-exclusive Pokemon from past generations, Niantic hasn’t been as generous with the region-specific additions. The newest additions are water and ice types, causing players to travel to faraway regions to capture them. Unfortunately, there’s no way for players to catch them all in one location, and regional-exclusive Pokemon are a major part of this strategy. So, what can you expect from this next generation?

In the upcoming Gen 2 update, players can expect to find more Gen 1 regional-exclusive Pokemon in the game. If you’re looking for these Pokémon, you’ll need to hatch plenty of Alolan eggs in order to get them. For the next two months, the Gen 1 region’s Global location will change based on Pokemon GO Fest locations. To make sure you don’t miss any regional-exclusive Pokemon, be sure to share your discoveries on social media!

There are other regional-exclusive Pokemon in Pokemon GO, including Solgaleo, Lunala, Pyukumuku, and Comfey. If you live in a specific region, you can also find the Alola region’s Pokemon, including Bruxish, Wishiwashi, and Crabrawler. And, of course, there’s the Alola region’s Comfey, which can only be found in Hawaii.


There are many different strategies to use when taking over Gyms in Pokmon Go. The first step is to find a Gym that you can take over. Then, view the Pokemon that are defending that gym. Next, compare the CP of your Pokemon to the defending Pokemon. If your Pokemon has a higher CP, you should challenge the gym. Once you have completed the gym, you can choose another gym to challenge.

You increase your prestige by recruiting new trainers when you protect a gym. You also get Pokmoncoins for defending it. However, defending a gym takes more time than capturing a Pokemon. You can’t do this immediately, but it can take up to a day. Pokemon lose motivation over time, so taking care of it as soon as possible is important.

The type of your Pokemon also matters when you fight at a gym. For example, if you’re battling against a Fire-type Pokemon, remember that water is a powerful attack. Fire, on the other hand, is weak against Ice-types. You can choose your Pokemon based on their weaknesses or strengths. You can find a weakness chart online and use that information when setting up your lineup. This way, you’ll know which Pokemon has the best chance of winning a battle.

There are a few different ways to make a Gym in Pokmon Go:

  1. Submit your idea to Niantic. This program can be found in the settings menu.
  2. Look for the AR section. Once you have completed it, you need to submit your idea by uploading a photo or a name. A map marker will be placed on the location of your chosen location.
  3. Wait for the Niantic Wayfarer program to approve your idea.


The basic rules of Pokmon Go trading involve a few basic considerations. For starters, it is important to note that you can only trade Pokemon with Trainer levels ten and above. Furthermore, each Pokemon’s stats change randomly whenever it is traded. Therefore, the only way to ensure that your Pokemon’s stats are not overpowered is to trade lower evolutions first. Finally, friendship level also greatly influences the values of re-rolled stats.

As of July 12, the trading function in Pokemon GO was disabled due to an unspecified issue. The developers probably rely on this function to limit the number of people who can trade in the game. While the trading range is small, it can be overcome using the solutions presented below. In addition, you should note that trading is restricted to a certain radius. This distance can be increased during specific holidays or events. Nonetheless, you should know that these limitations aren’t permanent things.

When it comes to trading Pokemon in the game, the more friends you have with someone, the more likely you are to get good trades. While the number of trades you can make a day varies, if your friend has good Pokemon, you can trade them with them and earn some Stardust at the same time. Besides, this means that you can get more Pokemon for your money and avoid a costly trade.

Location-based battles

The location-based battles of Pokemon Go are similar to Ingress in that players embody the physical space around them. They may place their mobile device facing an object in the real world and engage in a battle to control it. Likewise, players may assign a specific Pokemon to a particular gym. These battles will determine the status of a particular area on the map. Once players take control of an area, they can collect items at PokeStops, which are blue in color.

One of the key benefits of location-based games is the impetus they give to players to explore their surroundings. The first Pokemon game, Ingress, released in 2012, had the same premise but never achieved the same level of success as Pokemon Go. Fortunately, it is part of a popular franchise, so its success may be temporary, but the craze is inescapable. In addition to location-based battles, these games also offer engaging solo play and competitive multiplayer.

Another major advantage of location-based games is that they enable gamers to use their surroundings as a virtual map. For example, using your mobile phone’s camera, you can superimpose different Pokemon onto a real-world backdrop. Then, players can catch the ones they’re interested in. First, however, they must travel to the locations that contain these different types of Pokemon. This means that if you’re going to travel in augmented reality, you need to be in a certain area in order to get a chance at catching the Pokemon that you want.


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