What’s Wrong With the PS3 Super Slim?

ps3 super slim

The PS3 Super Slim is a compact version of the PS3 that comes with a new internal design architecture. It is also 25% smaller than the Slim PS3. There are a few differences between the Slim and the Super Slim. Let’s look at some of them. YLOD problem, 190W power supply, lack of SSD, and Smaller board. What’s wrong with it? It’s definitely a good gaming console, but what’s wrong with the Slim?

YLOD problem

You’re not alone if you’re having a YLOD problem on your PS3 Super Slim. Unfortunately, this is a common problem that many gamers are faced with, and it’s something that can really frustrate you. The good news is that there are several ways to solve the problem and keep your PS3 running at peak performance. Listed below are a few of the best fixes for the YLOD issue on PS3 Super Slim.

The first thing you need to do is figure out what’s causing the yellow light. The yellow light may be the cause if it’s a part issue. Sometimes, a malfunction in an internal part causes the console to shut down. Sony recommends taking the PS3 to a service center to check the console and determine the cause. If the problem persists, you may need to replace an internal part or have it repaired.

Another solution is to replace the PS3’s CPU. A number of things can cause the YLOD problem in PlayStation 3, but the most common cause is a failure of the NEC/Tokin capacitors. So while you can replace the Cell CPU with a new one, you must make sure it’s not stuck in a closed position. You can also swap the Cell CPU with an RSX GPU, but make sure you remarry the board.

The yellow light of death is a general problem on PS3 consoles. This light flashes when you turn on the console, and the system will not restart. The cause of this problem is generally overheating or melting of the solder. If you’re experiencing this problem, follow these steps to fix the issue. First, if you have a yellow light, you need to remove any melted solder. Alternatively, you can remove the yellow light by unscrewing the PS3’s power supply.

190W power supply

Despite the fact that the PS3 is more compact and lightweight than its predecessor, the 190W power supply is still necessary to give the console the power it needs. So even if you’ve invested in the most energy-efficient PS3 charger, you have to ensure that it has the right amount of output power to keep your system running at its peak performance. You can check out some useful PS3 power supplies below:

The 190W PS3 power supply comes with a built-in universal power supply, so it’s easy to plug it in anywhere. In addition, all PS3 models support multi-voltage, although some models can’t be plugged into a power outlet that’s under 220V. As long as you use the correct power cable and adaptor, your system will be compatible with any voltage in the world.

PS3 Super Slim power supplies come in different sizes, ranging from 190W to 380W. If you’re looking for the most power-efficient PS3 power supply, consider the PS3 Slim with 190W. The PS3 Super Slim’s PSU is capable of supporting a wide range of video resolutions and audio outputs. The PS3 Super Slim features a spring-action tray and a 190W power supply.

A PS3 Super Slim has a 1.9-inch screen and weighs 4.6 pounds, a small fraction of the original 11-lb PS3. The console measures just over eleven inches long and nine inches wide. Its power supply is 190W, a reduction from the 250W power supply in recent slim models. Though it will probably still need a high-quality PS3 power supply, it’s not clear how much power it will draw when running.

Smaller board

The new PlayStation 3 Super Slim has a smaller motherboard than the original and a few other notable changes. The chips are closer together, and Sony removed a heat spreader. In addition, the motherboard is fitted with two new 1Gb XDR DRAM chips instead of the four 512Mb. The power supply on the PlayStation 3 is limited to 160W, so you won’t be able to feed a desktop-grade GPU or CELL.

The PS3 Super Slim’s biggest downside is that it doesn’t have a hard drive slot. The original board is too large, and the HDD slot is too small. As a result, the console will only fit on shelves if the HDD is inserted using the external port. Adding a smaller board is a simple solution to this problem. However, it may result in more problems down the line. Some consoles also have problems with overheating the processor.

The PS3 super slim is slightly layered at the top. The disc tray is a sliding affair, and the PS3 appears to be top-heavy on the right side. Two front-facing USBs offset the small size. The bottom side is also slightly layered, and the PS3 Super Slim’s touch-sensitive buttons are on the right-hand side. The left side is also slightly top-heavy, causing it to look top-heavy.

Lack of SSDs

The lack of SSDs on the PS3 super slim has a number of implications. First, it doesn’t change the gaming experience but may impact future sales. Although Sony doesn’t officially confirm that the die will shrink, various teardowns indicate that the PS4 won’t change its size much. That means power consumption will remain the same, too. But the lack of SSDs is not the only issue with the new system.

Despite its smaller size, the PS3 doesn’t support TRIM, a feature that SSDs use to speed up their performance. This feature allows the PS3 to recognize different file structures, which makes navigation faster. Unfortunately, another issue with the PS3 is that it doesn’t support TRIM, so you won’t be able to remove files in the middle of play. But it’s worth noting that the PS3’s internal memory is one GB, which is more than enough to handle games and videos.

Despite the lack of SSDs, the super slim internal flash memory on the PS3 is significantly faster than other storage solutions, but it is still limited to storing just one game. Most games are loaded from a disc or storage, not from the SSD. This is because most games are digital, and only a few are stored on HDD. Because RAM is finite on the PlayStation 3, it needs to buffer data from the disc to make sure the system runs at its peak.

The lack of SSDs in the PS3 super slim has other implications as well. It is likely that the system will eventually run out of space, which will place more strain on the internal hard drive. That means PS3 owners will need to use external hard drives or upgrade the disk. Thankfully, there are some solutions to this problem. But first, let’s consider the pros and cons of each option. If you’re unsure whether an external hard drive is compatible with your PS3, you can look into upgrading the drive.


The PlayStation 3 Super Slim is the next generation of the PlayStation 3. It has a redesigned internal design architecture and a top-loading disk cover. It’s also 25% smaller than the current Slim PS3.

The price of the Super Slim is not low. It’s worth considering the long-term use of the console, as many owners upgrade to a larger hard drive to add more space. Although the price difference is impressive, PS3 enthusiasts may not consider the cost of the Super Slim worth it. The new console also won’t play popular file formats, including MKV. However, it can play files from a thumb drive or over a home network. The price of the PS3 Super Slim doesn’t include games from the PS2 generation. You’ll have to search the PlayStation Store for them and purchase them.

Sony introduced the “Super Slim” PS3 model last year. It was initially available with a 500GB hard drive and a 250GB one. After a year, however, the company discontinued the 500GB version in Europe and introduced a 12GB flash-only model. Today, the company unveiled the 12GB Super Slim console in the US, where it’s priced at $199. This price will include the console’s entire back catalog.

The Super Slim has no noticeable speed boost, but it does have a removable disc tray and no excess fan noise. The only downside to this model is that it lacks a slot-loading disc drive; otherwise, it is the same as the previous model. Furthermore, Sony should have included an IR sensor and HD cables. And it’s still too expensive for the average consumer to consider. The new Super Slim is expected to ship in October.


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