PUBG Mobile Lunches Gully Squad “Be the hero” Campaign

Be the Hero in Pubg Mobile

If you want to be a hero in Pubg Mobile, you’ll have to get a Gully Squad. This squad works under the Be the Hero theme and is based on Pakistan’s national animal, the Markhor. This game has a lot of significance for Pakistani gamers, as the Markhor is one of the most endangered animals in the world, and this set has been created to help promote Pakistani culture among youth.

PUBG Mobile 2.0 update

The PUBG Mobile Be the hero 2.0 is now live for Android and iOS devices. If you haven’t played the game yet, there’s no need to worry; it’s now free to download. The update is currently rolling out worldwide and is a whopping 785MB in size. The full patch notes are available here. To download the update, you need a stable internet connection.

The most prominent new addition to the game is the collaboration between PUBG and Neon Genesis Evangelion. This will give the game an Anime twist with a new game mode called Cross Circle. The Livik map will be officially released on May 14, as well. The map has undergone a revamp in this new update, with soccer challenges, advanced supply zones, and a UTV.

Gully Squad recruitment drive

PUBG MOBILE, Pakistan’s most popular video game, has just launched a recruitment drive for its popular “Gully Squad” campaign. This annual advertising campaign encourages gamers to join a squad and fight together in a collective battle for the prize. While the recruitment drive is still ongoing, you can sign up now to be part of the team! There are even rewards for those who complete the recruitment drive.

Prize pool tournament

Tencent, the company responsible for PUBG championships, announced today that it would be cutting the prize pool for its upcoming PUBG Mobile Global Championship. While many PUBG fans were disappointed by this announcement, they should know that the decision will only affect the quality of the Championship. Here’s a list of the biggest prize pools from video games tournaments. The information in this list is based on articles, forum posts, live report threads, interviews, and official statements. The data is collected from publicly available sources and reliable databases.

The prize pool for the PMWI 2022 side tournament will be different. The tournament will feature 12 teams – the top five teams in the Main Tournament, six teams from chosen regions, and one special invite. The total prize money will be $7 million. The tournament will be split into two weeks. This will allow players to enjoy the prize money for two weeks. The top teams in each week will compete for a share of the prize pool.

Arcane collaboration

The new PUBG Mobile and Arcane collaboration have been announced by the developers. This collaboration between two of Tencent’s properties will debut on November 16 and will see players from both games transforming into the Arcane character. In addition, players will have a chance to discover the secrets of each of the game’s many battlefields. This collaboration is an exciting step for both companies, and fans can look forward to seeing how the two new games compare.

As part of the collaboration, PUBG Mobile and Arcane have launched a trailer for the new skins. These skins are limited and can be purchased permanently or as cosmetic items. However, there is a catch: the price of these skins can be high. However, they can be purchased as a one-time purchase and will have a fixed price. The skins can be purchased at the Island Discovery page. Then, click the Upgrade Reward button at the bottom left-hand side of the page. You can purchase one, two, or three tiers.


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