The Hartke VX115 Bass Reflex Cabinet

The Hartke VX115 Bass Reflex Cabinet

The Hartke VX115 is a midrange cabinet with a rear-port design. However, the Idaho-based company has recently introduced VX115 cabinets with front ports. The company’s reputation for quality and reliability has earned it a place in the market. As a result, it’s a popular choice for a variety of applications, including home theater, sound reinforcement, and more.

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If you’re looking for a reliable bass reflex speaker, Hartke HCV115 VX115 is a good choice. This speaker is designed for VX “Very Extreme” Series bass reflex cabinets. It features a paper cone driver with a proprietary design, well-wired enclosures, and a thick vinyl covering. It also has a high Impedance of 8 ohms, and two VX115s can be placed in parallel to create a total impedance of 4 Ohms. The Impedance of the speaker determines how well it plays, and it can be a great selling point.

In addition to its high-quality paper cone driver, the Hartke VX115 bass amplifier cabinet also features a high-frequency horn and 15-inch paper cone speaker. Designed with bassists in mind, the VX115 is equipped with proprietary drivers and matched convex dust caps. The cabinet’s recessed jack cup allows for easy installation. Furthermore, it’s compatible with a variety of bass amplifiers and guitar pedals.


The Impedance of the Hartke VX115 bass guitar extension speaker cabinet is a factor that needs to be considered when selecting the perfect bass guitar cabinet. It features a 15-inch paper cone speaker with a high-frequency horn that will deliver a great bass tone. In addition, the VX115 is made to accommodate 300 watts of power and has reinforced corners and a durable covering. This bass guitar cabinet also features two 1/4″ jacks for a pre-amplification connection.

A high-quality bass speaker will provide a rich sound and excellent fidelity. You should pay special attention to the Impedance of a bass speaker because this will affect the performance of your amplifier. For example, the VX115 is 8 ohms. When you use two VX115s in parallel, they have an Impedance of 4 Ohms, which is perfect for a smaller room.


The VX115 Bass Reflex Cabinet from Hartke features a 1″ high-frequency driver and a 15″ low-frequency paper cone driver. The cabinet is made of heavy-duty plywood, with carpet-covered sides and reinforced corners. Its rugged covering and recessed 1/4-inch input jack provide maximum protection for the drivers and the enclosure. Depending on the model, it can handle as much as 300 watts.

The VX115 is rear-ported. The company also builds a new model with front-ported ports, which is more convenient and cheaper. It can also be connected to other baffles in the series. The Hartke VX115 has a solid boitier and simple but efficient maitres-mote. It is available in three different sizes, with a minimum of two. The dimensions of the VX115 vary, but its basic design is the same for all three.


If you’re looking for an amp cabinet that handles 300 watts of power, the Hartke VX115 is a great choice. The VX115 features a 15″ high-frequency transducer and low-frequency driver. The unit’s dual power output controls allow for different settings and features, such as a low or high volume control. The VX115 is also available with front or rear ports. If you’re looking for a bass cabinet with a lower price tag, consider a used or second-hand Hartke VX115.

The Hartke VX115 is one of the companies most popular bass reflex cabinets, offering solid construction and a 15″ paper cone driver. The VX115’s bass speaker has a 300W maximum power handling and an Impedance rating of 100 dB/mW. The enclosure is well-wired and comes with a rugged covering and recessed carry handles. The cabinet also has a 1/4″ input jack for wired microphones.


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