Types of Aluminum Folding Doors

Aluminum Folding Doors

Consider an aluminum folding door if you’re looking for an alternative to standard, pricier French or wooden doors. These doors are available in a wide range of color options, including RAL-color-coded tones. Manufacturers such as Origin and Kynar 500 use ranges of coatings known as “Kynar-Coatings,” which come in 150 different shades. Some manufacturers also create their own color palettes for specific applications, allowing the customer to select the exact colors they need.

Center Pivot Bifold Doors

The Prestige Bifold Door may be a perfect choice if you want to create a seamless transition between an indoor and outdoor space. These folding doors offer an expansive view of both spaces and offer an airy, clear opening. They can accommodate large panels that reach up to 10′ tall and ADA-compliant sills. They can also be custom-designed to add transoms or sidelights, which will allow you to maintain the same sightlines on both sides of the door.

The hinged doors in traditional homes require a great deal of maintenance. Their top hinges can become loose, and the door may slump. It can catch on the latch jamb and scratch the floor if this happens. Pivot doors are unique because they don’t rely on hinges to keep the door in place. They swing from one point instead of several, which helps them avoid warping. The pivot doors also come in a variety of finishes to match your home’s decor.

You can choose a center pivot system if you’d like to create a dramatic entrance for a commercial space. These are commonly used in large spaces and are bold in appearance. They rotate on a pivot box to swing in or out. Alternatively, you can purchase a single action swing panel. This can be added to the chain of panels to meet the traffic pattern requirements and function similarly to French doors.

The Series 7200 pivot door has a sleek design that will complement any home’s entrance. Its thermally broken aluminum-clad construction resists wind and weather, making it a perfect solution for merging indoor and outdoor spaces. They come with a variety of configurations, including multiple sill options. In addition, Andersen’s pivot doors can be custom-sized and available in various sizes.

Series 9550 Bi-Fold Door

The Series 9550 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door is an energy-efficient door that folds and stacks against side walls. Available in a wide variety of configurations, the Series 9550 can open to widths of up to 18 feet. This model’s energy efficiency is enhanced by triple-coated Low-E glass and thermally broken aluminum. In addition to energy efficiency, this door offers a wide range of finishes, sizes, and configurations.

The Series 9550 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door is available in various finishes and configurations, ensuring complete design flexibility for both commercial and residential projects. The door features a heavy-duty top-hung roller system, a smooth sliding floor guide, and sturdy locking hardware. It also allows for in-line and multiple-panel configurations. With its many features, it is easy to install and maintain. For more information, visit the Series 9550 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door product page.

The Series 9550 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door from Western Window Systems has exceptional performance and durability. It can be opened completely against side walls and maximizes the connection between the inside and outside of the house. Its sleek design and concealed locking system make it the perfect choice for any home or business. This door is also certified by NFRC, meaning it meets strict standards for air performance. So you can rest assured that the Series 9550 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door will last many years.

The Series 7950 Bi-Fold Aluminum Door from Western Window Systems is available in a wide range of color options, including the standard dark bronze finish. A choice of brushed aluminum and satin aluminum finishes offers the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality. If you are concerned about weatherproofing, you can opt for the flush sill option. However, this option is not recommended for some climates, so you should be sure to check the local regulations before purchasing this type of bi-fold aluminum door.

Euro Vista Fold(TM) aluminum door system

The Euro-Wall Vista Fold Aluminum Door System is made of extruded 6063-T5 aluminum and stainless steel 304SS. Its components are manufactured to withstand impact while offering smooth transitions to the outdoors. It is approved for impact applications in Florida and carries the highest drop rating of any folding door system on the market. It also offers wood and aluminum mid-rail options. It provides a seamless transition to the outdoors and is available for both impact and non-impact applications.

The Euro-Wall Euro-Vista Fold Aluminum Door System is a top-hung, insulated, multi-panel aluminum door system that offers superior energy savings. Its panels are remarkably thin, with an interlock of less than 1 inch. The system features the highest panel-to-glass ratio available. It can accommodate panels up to fourteen feet tall and is available in several finishes. It features the smallest interlock sight line on the market, as well as a flush-embedded sill, stainless steel hardware, and EZ Glide(TM) roller system.

Another unique folding door system is the Euro Vista Stack. This top-hung system is flexible enough to provide uninterrupted views for an all-season room. It can also be paired with matching transom and sidelight units. This system is ideal for event venues and can maximize usable floor space and facilitate flexibility in room layouts and outdoor access. The Euro-Wall Stack is available with impact-rated aluminum and wood.

Moreover, the Euro-Wall Pivot door can accommodate panels up to 14 feet high and 100 feet wide. It is available in custom powder-coating finishes and interior wood cladding. Another unique feature is that it has the highest Design Pressure rating of any folding door on the market. The Euro-Wall doors come with a 10-year warranty for added peace of mind. They also feature easy operation and easy maintenance.

Euro-Wall aluminum folding door system

A Euro-Wall aluminum folding door system is made of superior grade steel and aluminum. This system eliminates barriers between the inside and outside spaces, creating seamless transitions from one room to the next. There are many types of Euro-Wall doors, including those that are made of natural wood or custom-coated aluminum. In addition, the doors are available in various colors and clad combinations to complement any home or office environment.

The company’s doors and frames have achieved high fire protection. They can be manufactured with custom powder coatings or Kynar(r) coatings. In addition, they can be designed with dividing lines, glass, or flush-embedded sills. The Euro-Wall system is both flexible and safe, and you can customize it to fit your needs. If safety is a top priority, Euro-Wall aluminum folding door systems will exceed your expectations.

Unlike other aluminum folding door systems, Euro-Wall has a wide variety of panel options. It also offers thermally broken doors with varying climates. As a result, the system is suitable for retrofit or remodeling purposes. In addition, Euro-Wall offers coastal and High-Velocity Wind Zones packages. You can also choose between standard climates and high-end, custom-made models. For those who require more energy efficiency, Euro-Wall has the right solution.

Euro-Wall is one of the leading manufacturers of commercial and residential folding door systems. These systems offer the largest panel openings in the industry and are easy to operate. Additionally, Euro-Wall offers impact-rated and thermally-broken options. As a result, these systems have high energy resistance and outperform their competition in weather-challenged climates. The company also manufactures 95% of its products in the U.S.A. and meets LEED building codes.

NanaWall aluminum folding door system

The NanaWall bi-folding door system provides hundreds of configuration options for maximizing space and design flexibility. The number of panels in a wall opening depends on panel height, width, and configuration. Maximum width of 36 feet is recommended for exterior applications, while a maximum of 40 feet is recommended for interior applications. Additional unhinged paired panels can be added to virtually any width, making it possible to create any desired open-corner design.

A NanaWall folding glass wall provides a flexible interior area and secure weather protection. Its clean-lined glass panels and precision-engineered hardware create a large and inviting entrance. This system promotes true design freedom by offering hundreds of configurations, materials, and finishes. It is easy to operate and features tamper-resistant locking mechanisms. To learn more about the NanaWall folding glass wall system, contact a NanaWall representative today.


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