What You Need to Know About Final Fantasy 16


If you haven’t heard about Final Fantasy 16, you might be wondering what to expect. It’s an action RPG developed by Square Enix, the company behind the Final Fantasy series. This upcoming game is scheduled to release for the PlayStation 5 in Summer 2023. However, there are many factors to consider before buying Final Fantasy 16.

Clive Rosenfield

Joshua Rosfield is the younger brother of Clive Rosenfield and the Dominant of the Phoenix, a role that Clive was expected to inherit. Dominants are creatures that possess the ability to actively transform into summons and morph into a single object, like a Phoenix. The Phoenix is the Eikon of Fire and adorns the flag of the realm. Joshua is ten years old in the earlier timeline events but is in his late teens later in the story.

In Final Fantasy 16, players play as the oldest son of the Archduke of Rosaria and the firstborn son of the Archduke of Rosaria. He was expected to be the next Dominant, but he ends up in second place, and his younger brother becomes Dominant. Because of this, Clive is tasked with protecting his younger brother, Joshua. The game also features new characters, including a powerful cyclops named Ifrit.

As the first son of the Archduke of Rosaria, Clive devoted himself to mastering the blade, eventually becoming the ‘First Shield of Rosaria’ and a powerful warrior. His abilities were further enhanced when he became a Dominant of the Phoenix. Unfortunately, his efforts were not enough, as the Blight is gnawing away at the strength of Rosaria. Despite his dedication to his duties, Clive is thrown into a dangerous battle with Ifrit.

Open world

The open-world is one of the biggest questions that fans of the series have been asking. Many fans expected Final Fantasy 16 to follow a similar formula to the series’ storied history. Fortunately, the game’s producers have confirmed that the open world won’t be so expansive as in previous titles. While this may seem disappointing, fans should not let that deter them. After all, an open world is a huge part of what makes a Final Fantasy game so enjoyable.

While the open world of Final Fantasy 16 is not unlike that of its predecessors, it has plenty of new elements. In addition to the open world, players can freely move around the game’s world at their own pace. There are even instances where players can choose a starting point. Players can even choose the level of difficulty – the open world of Final Fantasy 16 will offer many challenges – from completing a quest to doing a puzzle.

Square Enix avoided the traditional open-world design for Final Fantasy 16. The open world of Final Fantasy 15 was generally criticized as barren and underdeveloped, and Square Enix chose to go a different route. The game was first announced for PS5 in 2020 but soon fell off the collective radar. However, it reappeared earlier this month with a new trailer, screenshots, and a new development team. Despite the open world, the game is still a huge hit with fans.

Character bios

The official website for Final Fantasy 16 has just been launched, and it is packed full of details. The protagonist of the game, Clive Rosfield, is an older brother of Joshua. He is on a dangerous quest for revenge against his brother’s killer. The game will have over 60 different characters, including several of the series’ best-known heroes. The bios for each character are below! Here’s a quick look at the character bios for Final Fantasy 16!

The bios below are for the three main characters of the game. The upcoming game, which will be available on the PlayStation 5, will also feature three new characters. Each character has their own unique background, making it easier for fans to get to know them better. Hopefully, Final Fantasy 16 will be just as good as its predecessors! So, if you’re unsure who your new favorite Final Fantasy character is, you can check out their bios below!

Jill Warrick: This is the newest character to be revealed for Final Fantasy 16. Her background is one that has made her ugly and ruthless, but she’s also very intelligent. She was born as an orphan but later traded by her parents to keep the peace. She’s a sworn sister of Clive and Joshua and was introduced as a young woman in the game’s trailers.

Gameplay trailers

The latest gameplay trailer for the upcoming PlayStation 5 exclusive, Final Fantasy 16, has arrived and shows off early gameplay and cinematic elements. Final Fantasy 16 appears to be very similar to other games, such as Kingdom Hearts, the PlayStation 4 remake, and the latest Final Fantasy games. The game is a medieval-themed fantasy RPG, so it’s likely to feature many classic elements from the Final Fantasy franchise.

In the gameplay trailers for Final Fantasy 16, we see Clive using spells and moving into sword combat. It looks very similar to the action RPG style of Final Fantasy 15 and its remake. The game’s gameplay is easy to follow, with no distracting HUD or UI. The game is being developed by Ryota Suzuki, the same person who designed Devil May Cry 5 and Dragon’s Dogma.

The game’s storyline revolves around a group of Dominants who command massive summons called Eikons. Players will use these summons to fight enemies, but they will also have to deal with other creatures, such as kaiju-style monsters. The trailer ends with the Titan – a massive lad that is about nine feet tall. The trailer ends with a giant monster movie, so be prepared for some grueling battles.


If you are a PlayStation 5 owner, you’re probably dreading the news that Final Fantasy 16 is coming to your console. Earlier this year, Sony teased a four-minute trailer for the game, and it confirmed that it would be PlayStation exclusive. While it is possible that the game will come to PC, there’s no guarantee it will do so right away. Sony hasn’t said when it would be released, but we can only guess.

For now, the game is only scheduled for PlayStation 5 and Xbox SERIES X. But it is likely that Final Fantasy 16 for PC will follow in the near future. The console version will likely be a timed exclusive for a certain period of time. Eventually, the game will also hit PC and other platforms. Meanwhile, the console version is also expected to come out later on Xbox and PC.

If you want to play the game on the go, you should consider playing it on PC. PlayStation users will likely be more likely to want to play it on a PC. However, if you prefer to play Final Fantasy on the PlayStation, you should stick to the PlayStation. Final Fantasy 16 is one of the most popular games of all time. If you want to play it on Xbox or PC, you should pick up the PC version.

S or PC exclusivity

As of today, the PlayStation 5 will remain a timed exclusive for Final Fantasy 16. However, other platforms, such as the Xbox Series X/S and Nintendo Switch, could also see the game. It could be six months after the PS5’s launch date if it does. If it is not, it could be a year after the PS5’s release date and therefore be freely available for PC users.

If the PS5 version of Final Fantasy 16 will be the only one to launch the game, what does that mean for the PC version of the game? The initial version of the reveal trailer mentioned a simultaneous PC launch. However, Square Enix subsequently retracted that claim and explained that the game would be a PS5-exclusive for the time being rather than a permanent exclusive. So, which system will get the game?

If the game does stay exclusive for PS5, it will be a timed exclusivity for six months. However, it is likely to be available on PC after this time. After the PS5 launch, the PC version will receive a similar treatment. A PS4 version of Final Fantasy 16 will be released a year later, while a PC exclusive will be available six months after it hits the shelves. However, Square Enix has not confirmed a release date for the PC and Xbox Series X.


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