Wonders of the Multiverse – The Second DnD Expansion

Wonders of the Multiverse - The Second DnD Expansion

Unearthed Arcana is the second expansion of DnD. Its new playtest material was released on July 18, including new races, subclasses, feats, and more. Unearthed Arcana explores the countless DnD planes and fate. It also introduces a new class, Planar Philosopher, which focuses on the creation of creatures that meld with their environment.


The spells of the Multiverse are powerful abilities used by the Marvel characters in different franchises. The most common one is the “Winds of Watoomb,” which Doctor Strange uses in the Infinity War movie. This spell generates a powerful gust of wind that clears dozens of blocks of city chaos and flings them far into the air. The heroes can see a Black Order spacecraft when they use this spell, and it can also be used to freeze enemies.

One of the most powerful spells in the Multiverse is the Book of Vishanti, which the Sorcerer Supreme guards. It contains spells that have been used for ages to protect the cosmos from evil. Unfortunately, the Book of Vishanti can be corrupted or manipulated for nefarious ends, and when Kaluu steals it, it can spell disaster.

This powerful new spell uses a shared fictional universe and a complex storyline. It uses five colors to represent the various planes and dimensional realities of the Multiverse. This spell makes use of the player’s character’s colors. It also makes use of colorless or generic mana. You can choose from any of the five colors to use spells. In addition, you can make combinations of these colors to increase the effectiveness of your spells.

Strange’s ability to duplicate himself draws on the power of the demon Ikonn. This spell is designed to distract and confuse enemies, and it was used in full glory in Infinity War when he created hundreds of duplicates to restrain Thanos. In a way, each duplicate can also cast spells to restrain Thanos. This spell was particularly useful in a battle against Thanos, as it can make people forget about their identities and their own actions.


The Multiverse is a vast and incomprehensible place. Whether a universe is infinite or finite can never be determinized. But what if it had powers that were beyond the realm of our understanding? Then that would be a truly fantastic feat. Then again, there are many examples of characters who can do that. There’s also a great deal of overlap between these feats, so I can’t say for sure whether they are all based on the same thing.


If you’re looking to play a character with a classic setting, you might consider creating a Glitching. A Glitchling is a mechanical construct or robot with magic-infused components that can be freed from their creator and allowed to wander the world. New feats and backgrounds are also included in Wonders of the Multiverse. And the Glitchling’s mind is just as ordered as Mechanus’, boosting dice rolls and protecting it from being charmed.

Glitchlings are constructs with metallic skin. Their natural armor class is 14, but they gain an advantage on saving throws. They also resist charm effects and can use their winged wings to increase their flight speed during combat. The flight speed they can achieve is equal to their movement value on earth. They can use this ability as often as they like during combat, as long as it doesn’t take them too long to rest.

Planar Philosopher

The recent release of Planar Philosopher Wonders of the Multipleverse adds new classes to the world. Players can create a Cartomancer character that allows them to cast spells with their deck of cards. The Cartomancer class includes several original spells that are not yet available in other RPGs. Other Feats that players can gain include Scion of the Outer Planes, which grants damage resistance and bonus cantrips based on an outer plane, and Vigor of the Hill Giant, which provides an increased constitution bonus and the ability to resist being knocked pronely.

Gate Warden

Those who are interested in the Multiverse and D&D have no need to look any further than Unearthed Arcana, a new downloadable module released by Wizards of the Coast. This new D&D module explores character options across the Multiverse, including the glitching race, giant foundling, rune carver, and planar philosopher. It also delves into the power of chance and the role of the Gate Warden.

The new Unearthed Arcana adds a new subclass of clerics, a whole new breed of creatures, and more than a dozen backgrounds and spells. Players can also learn more about primordial magic and fortune and gain new talent points when playing the Gate Warden. Additionally, the new expansion brings a new playable race, the Glitchling, a lineage of winged humanoid constructs. Whether or not these creatures have special powers, many Glitchlings make their lives their own.


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